Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF)


AGRF is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to quality and innovation.  We actively seek to partner and share our knowledge and expertise in genomics. Through our national network, AGRF provides access to innovative and leading technologies, enabling genomics in the biomedical, agricultural and environmental sectors. From single gene analysis to whole genome sequencing (WGS), AGRF provides a full range of genomic capabilities and services with complementary bioinformatics across the entire biological spectrum, to academia, healthcare and commercial industries.


Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), Clinical Array genotyping, Clinical Sanger Sequencing, WGS (human, plant & animal, microbial), WES ( human, mouse), targeted resequencing (human, plant & animal), genome-wide association study (GWAS), Cytogenetics, genome wide methylation profiling, targeted methylation profiling, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, microsatellite genotyping, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product and plasmid sequencing, nucleic acid extraction

Capillary Separation, Unpurified BDT reactions, Purified DNA, Unpurified PCR product (single and dual direction options)

SNP genotyping array, methylation profiling arrays

Microbial genome and metagenome sequencing (PacBio Sequel II, Illumina NovaSeq), Microbial Transcriptomics and metatranscriptomics (Illumina), Microbial Identification (16 16S rRNA), microbial communities profiling (16s & ITS deep sequencing)

Amplicon sequencing using long read and short read sequencing


PacBio: whole genome sequencing (human, plant & animal, microbial), targeted sequencing (amplicon, target capture), RNA sequencing (Iso-Seq, full-length transcript, epigenetic sequencing (eukaryotic 5mC, prokaryotic 4mC and 6mA), metagenome sequencing (Full-length 16S sequencing, metagenome profiling/assembly)

mRNA, whole transcriptome sequencing, Bacterial RNA, Small RNA, Iso-Seq

CRISPR target validation

single-cell expression, single-cell immune profiling (B-cell or T-cell V(D)J sequencing), single-cell ATAC, single-cell multiome (ATAC and expression profiling), single-cell full length transcript sequencing (Iso-Seq)

Nanostring- GeoMX template preparation and sequencing

Germline and Somatic variant detection (SNP, indels, CNV, SV), RNA-seq analysis (differential gene expresion, splice isoform and fusion detection, miRNA profiling), Methylation analysis (whole genome, genome-wide, targeted), metagenomic analysis (metagenome assembly, metagenome profiling, 16S/ITS profiling), GWAS, PRS, SNP discovery and genotyping, population genomics, phylogenetics, de novo genome assembly, de novo transcriptom assembly, CRISPR target validation.

WGS, WES, clinical variant calling, DNA sequencing, custom genotyping, SNP array genotyping, Sanger sequencing, nucleic acid extraction

WGS, transcriptomics, SNP genotyping, (microbial/plant), genotyping by sequencing, soil/water microbiomics, nucleic acid extraction

Highest quality DNA for use in downstream applications. Extraction of DNA, RNA or Total Nucleic Acids for a range of starting materials and species: • biomedical: tissue, blood, buccal swabs, saliva collection kits (ISO15189 accreditation) • microbial: culture pellets • agricultural: leaves, seeds, blood, ear clips • environmental: soil, sediment, faeces


Illumina NovaSeq 6000 x 2, Illumina MiSeq x 4, Illumina NextSeq™ 2000 x 1

PacBio Sequel IIe (Brisbane) x 2, Oxford Nanopore Technologies - PromethION and MinION

ABI 3730xl DNA analyzer x 2

10X Genomics Chromium

AB 7900HT 384 well, QuantStudio 6 96/384 well

Beckman Biomek i7 Hybrid x 1, Beckman BioMek i5 MC96 x1, Beckman BioMek i5 Span-8 x1, Beckman Biomek NX Span-8 x 1, Beckman Biomek NX MC96 x 1, Tecan Evo x 2

QIAGEN EZ2, KingFisher Apex x1 (Brisbane), QIAcube HT x 2 (Adelaide), QIAcube Connect x1 (Adelaide)

SpectraMax Gemini XPS/EM Microplate Readers (fluorometer)

Illumina iScan x 2

Agena Mass Array (Brisbane), PerkinElmer Gxii Touch x 2, Agilent Tape Station x 1

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