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At Metabolomics Australia (MA) we combine high-throughput analytical technologies for the detection and quantification of metabolites in biological systems with the application of bioinformatics tools for data analysis, mining and interpretation.

We conduct targeted and/or non-targeted studies of small molecules (metabolites). The resulting profiles can reflect the actual cellular condition and provide useful indicators (biomarkers) of abnormalities/health within the biological system. Metabolomics requires robust experimental design with reliable sampling to capture the steady state levels of thousands of metabolites. We use complementary analytical and informatics platforms to detect the response of metabolites to environmental and genetic stimuli.

While we are a fee-for-service facility, we operate in a collaborative manner and work with you around your biological question. With our expertise in metabolomics and your knowledge of the biology we work on the best strategy for development of a research plan.


Metabolomics Australia has extensive experience with handling and analysing multiple sample types including biofluids (plasma, serum, urine), tissue (muscle, liver, brain, kidney), cells (adherent and suspension), plant tissue (leaf, root, stem, seed), fecal matter and others. Metabolomic Applications: Metabolite profiling and targeted methodology, Stable isotope/flux analysis (13C, Deuterium, etc.), Polar metabolites analysis including central carbon metabolism, organic acids, TCA intermediates, fatty acids, sterols, amino acids, sugars, sugar phosphates/alcohols and targeted lipid analysis. We are also now implementing Volatile Organic Compound analysis as well.

Imaging Mass Spectrometry of; mammalian tissue (muscle, liver, brain, kidney), cell monolayers and plant tissue (leaf, root, stem, seed).

As per capabilities listed under Metabolomics


1 x MALDI-MS (Imaging), Tissue sprayer, Tissue sublimator

• 4 x GC-QQQ-MS. • 3 x LC-QQQ-MS, 1 x LC-QTOF-MS, 2 x LC-IDX-Orbitrap-MS and 2 x LC-IQX-Orbitrap-MS • 1 x MALDI-MS (Imaging), Tissue sprayer, Tissue sublimator

See Metabolomics Equipment

2x Viaflo Assist Plus pipetting robots

Access Information

The platform is open to all researchers from academia to industry on a fee-for-service basis.

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Ms Kirsty Turner
Metabolomics Australia University of Melbourne Business Manager

Prof Malcolm McConville
Metabolomics Australia University of Melbourne Node leader

Mr David De Souza
Metabolomics Australia University of Melbourne Facility Manager

Team Members


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