WEHI Proteomics Facility


The Proteomics Facility at WEHI enables researchers and clinicians to utilise the advanced proteomic technologies available at WEHI. We employ five full-time, post-doctoral researchers and have seven mass spectrometers for analysis of proteomics samples. We charge users the hours spent by facility staff on preparation of samples, instrument time (data acquisition on the mass spectrometer) and data analysis.


Global proteome profiling Immunoprecipitation analysis Intact mass spectrometry TurboID BioID Cell surface labeling Phosphoproteomic analysis PTM analysis Cross-linking mass spectrometry (XL-MS) DIA proteomics Clinical cohort analysis Targeted mass spectrometry (PRM)

mTRAQ-based proteomics Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) -based proteomics


timsTOF Pro (Bruker) Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid (Thermo)

LEAP HDX Automated Robot (Trajan)

Lunatic - UV/Vis Absorbance Spectrometer

timsTOF Pro (Bruker) Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid (Thermo) maXis II QTOF (Bruker) Q-Exactive Classic (Thermo)

Access Information


A/Prof Andrew Webb
Centre Head and Proteomics Lab Head

Samantha Emery
Interim Facility Manager

Laura Dagley
Facilty Manager

Team Members

  • Laura Dagley, facility manager | point of contact for facility access, protoemic experimental design and planning and handover of samples | dagley.l@wehi.edu.au
  • Samantha Emery | general proteomics - global proteome profiling, clinical proteomcs, plasma proteomics, label-free quantitation | emery.s@wehi.edu.au 
  • Toby Dite, post-translation modification (PTM) specialist | PMT identification and localisation, intact MS, proximity biotin labelling, surface labelling |  dite.t@wehi.edu.au
  • Jumana Yousef,  proteomics biostatistician | experimental design, data processing and quality control, statistical analyses of proteomic data


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