WEHI Advanced Genomics Facility


Comprehensive genomics facility for internal and precinct researchers offering Illumina, MGI and Nanopore sequencing options and focusing on functional, single-cell and spatial genomics. Interests in high-throughput transcriptomics, pathogen genomics, functional genomics assays, improvements to existing assays and clinical or cohort-based studies. Expertise in overhang amplicon and CRISPR sequencing. Collaborative methods development and advanced genomics projects undertaken, sequencing as a service, experimental design and bioinformatics offered.


Next-generation sequencing, Illumina, Nanopore, MGI, large-scale library preparation, probe-based enrichment, exome sequencing

Shotgun metagenomics, 16S amplicon sequencing, shotgun metatranscriptomics, probe enrichment sequencing, Nanopore genome and plasmis sequencing

Developing Olink capacity

Overhang-enabled sequencing, CRISPR amplicons, highly multiplexed sequencing

Illumina, MGI, Nanopore


Conventional RNA-seq, 'mini-bulk' RNA-seq, 10x Genomics RNA-seq, cell-sorted samples, novel targeted transcriptomics methods

CROP-Seq, high-throughput 'mini-bulk' RNA-seq

Sorted single cells, 10x Genomics RNA-seq, all demonstrated 10x Genomics methods, new methods development

Analysis of single-cell and transcriptomics data, assay-specific QC and routine analysis pipelines for sequencing data

10x Visium, Ionpath MIBIscope (via WEHI Centre for Dynamic Imaging), ongoing technology acquisition program

CUT&Tag, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq


Illumina MiSeq (x2), Illumina NextSeq 2000 (x2), MGI DNB2000

Oxford Nanopore Technologies PromethION, Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION, PacBio Sequel

10x Genomics Chromium, 10x Genomics Chromium X, Mission Bio Tapestri

Ionpath MIBIscope (via WEHI Centre for Dynamic Imaging)

Fluidigm BioMark HD, BioRad AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System

BlueCatBio Bluewasher, PerkinElmer FlexDrop iQ, Rainin BenchSmart, PerkinElmer Janus

In-house SPRI-based high-throughput extractions for RNA and DNA, Qiagen QIAcube Connect

Access Information

We operate under a range of modes for internal, partnership and precinct scientists. We offer sequencing of pre-made libraries for Illumina (MiSeq, NextSeq2000), Nanopore (PromethION) and MGI platforms on a service basis. Researchers may be able to visit us to prepare samples for sequencing under supervision. We will engage collaboratively with researchers to design and undertake projects in high-throughput minibulk, single-cell and spatial omics. We will collaborate with researchers on projects in any area of pathogen genomics and microbiomics. We also collaborate widely to develop new or modified sequencing assays and we are particularly open to new links in clinical research and clinical genomics assays.


Casey Anttila
Senior Research Officer

Daniela Zalcenstein
Cellular Genomics Platform Manager

Peter Hickey
Senior Research Officer

Rory Bowden
Genomics Lab Head and Facility Manager

Stephen Wilcox
Sequencing Platform Manager

General Enquires

Team Members

Daniel Brown | Senior Research Officer - Cellular and Functional Genomics | brown.d@wehi.edu.au
Jafar Jabbari | Senior Research Officer - Sequencing Applications | jabbari.j@wehi.edu.au
Johannes Wichmann | Senior Research Officer - Functional Genomics and High-Throughput Assays | wichmann.j@wehi.edu.au
Marek Cmero | Senior Research Officer - Sequencing Informatics | cmero.ma@wehi.edu.au
Marilou Barrios | Research Officer - Pathogens and Microbiomics | barrios.m@wehi.edu.au
Peter Hickey | Senior Research Officer - Transcriptomics and Single-cell Bioinformatics | hickey@wehi.edu.au
Raymond Yip | Research Officer - Spatial Omics Technologies | yip.r@wehi.edu.au
Sam Olechnowicz | Senior Research Officer - High-throughput and Clinical Omics | olechnowicz.s@wehi.edu.au
Sarah MacRaild | Research Assistant - Sequencing Platforms | macraild.s@wehi.edu.au
Ling Ling | Research Assistant - Advanced Genomics | ling.l@wehi.edu.au
Casey Anttila | Research Assistant - Advanced Genomics | anttila.c@wehi.edu.au
Tracey Baldwin | Research Assistant - Advanced Genomics | baldwin@wehi.edu.au>


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